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    Flash Lite applications

    Hi everyone out there,

    i am a student doing some research on flash lite applications used in mobile phones.

    1) i understand that phones such as nokia, motorala, sumsung are equipped with flash lite players but i not too sure about korean phones and japanese phones.

    2) can their phones run flash lite application also ?

    3) i am still learning how to use flash lite, i have encounter some problem, if i were to use actionscript, does tat mean i need to use a flash lite 2.x player ?

    Waiting for your reply !


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    Re: Flash Lite applications

    Moved to Flash forum.

    BTW, how is Samsung not a Korean manufacturer? Or what do you mean by "korean phones"?

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    Re: Flash Lite applications

    i am a newbie in this mobile industry. perhaps what i mean in the previous thread was: in the current market do most of the phone's operating system allow flash lite application?

    if i were to use actionscript (because in the flash lite application i need to use some components - buttons, texbox etc. ) does tat mean my mobile phone must be equipped with flash lite 2.0 ?


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    Re: Flash Lite applications


    There are 450M devices, I think it should give you and idea how many phones there might be that has Flash Lite support Devices vary, but Nokia, SE and Japanese handsets should be the dominating ones.

    Some of those devices have Flash Lite support via browser plugin, whereas, some of them support both on browser and as standalone players.

    You use Actionscript no matter what version of Flash Lite player you target, just the AS version is different. For instance if you wanted to use Actionscript 2, you would need to target Flash Lite 2.x+ players.


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    Re: Flash Lite applications

    can i also ask, currently my application would required the use of flash component such as textbox, button , labels etc.. would actionscript 1 be able to support these components if i want it to play in flash lite 1.1 mobile phones??

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    Re: Flash Lite applications


    Components which come with Flash Authoring are not suppose to work with Flash Lite. They are not optimized for mobile devices.

    Flash Lite 1.1 supports pre-AS1 script syntax which was used in Flash 4. FL2 and 3 supports AS1 and AS2.

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