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    Question How to get secure-element keys of 6131 (without using unlocking midlet)

    Hi All,

    For the previous days, i am searching through forums and googling around to find out the steps to "get the secure-element keys of a Nokia 6131 NFC phone without using Nokia Unlocking Midlet." But everyone is suggesting about using unlock-midlet to know the auth-key. But the unlocking process makes the secure-element untrusted for using it in secure applications(like credit-card, ticketing etc). So the unlocking service from Nokia is for development purpose only. rt?
    any comments?

    I will explain my current scenario a bit more.

    1. i have a fresh 6131(not unlocked)
    2. i want to install a credit-card cardlet (made using JCOP) to the secure-element. For this to work, i should know any of the 3 auth-keysets rt? how can i get this keys without unlocking the secure-element? is this possible?

    if yes, please tell me the steps to do this.

    if no, how come a real 6131 phone can be used for real-time wallet applications?

    waiting for ur tips and directions


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    Wink Re: How to get secure-element keys of 6131 (without using unlocking midlet)

    You can unlock your SE and then put ur own keyset but yeah chain of trust has been broken blblblbl.
    It's better to do this only for development purpose.

    Only way is to ask Venyon, Cassis or other TSM I am sure they are working on the process
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