I'd like to stream an Image from a server directly to my J2ME software... Till now I have always downloaded the picture (image) in a Bas64 array-form, and then made an Image out of this array using the createImage(array[], 0, array.length) method... This always worked, even thoug I dont like the memoryprint of around 300K !!! of the created Image (around 400x360 pixels)...
So after reading the documentation I stumbled about the possibility of creating an Image directly by streaming an already existent Image on the server, using createImage(InputStream stream)...
I have been looking for examples on the net but seems noone is using this method...
Also the next description applies :
This function takes an InputStream of PNG (or any other supported image format) data, decodes it, and creates an Image object out of it.

So now Im wondering if the memory footprint will be less ?
Anyone with experience and tried both methods ?
Or anyone having an example on how to use the inputStream createImage method ?
Thanks in advance