Hi all,

can any one guide me the procedure to install carbide c++ v1.2
i have already downloaded carbide c++ 1.2 from forum.nokia and installed the express edition.after installion once i open the carbide c++ i got the following error

Carbide uses a licensing technology called FLEXnet. The FLEXnet tool has detected a problem with your license. Please contact license.carbide@nokia.com for assistance.

Please include the following information in your email:

1. Carbide Edition, Version, Build number (Help->About)
2. Approximate date of purchase and registration date
3. The license file listed below found in <install>/Carbide.c++ Licenses/
4. A description of your problem (what was working, what is not working)
5. The error message below"[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]

i have checked the following path but there is no license file available
C:\Program Files\Nokia\Carbide.c++ v1.2\Carbide.c++ Licenses

can any one guide me wheather i want to install express edition directly.