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    Lightbulb kXML XML Parser versus Jsr172 API Parser

    Hi peoples.

    In the kXML source code I see a lot of strings are being created. Is that a good idea? I am thinking about creating my own XML parser that uses char array instead. I plan to use a char array which would be reused instead of creating a new string everytime. Also, I looked at API for Jsr172 even it uses strings instead of char arrays.

    Personally, I believe that strings are a J2ME applications worst enemy. Thus, I am considering on writing a parser that reused data rather than create the many strings like kXML, and I assume Jsr172 API does too.

    So, my question is this, is it worth writing my own XML parser since there is jsr172? Regardless, would it be an excellent example to so as demo code to employers; I would like to move out to CA because there are lots of J2ME jobs there?

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    Re: kXML XML Parser versus Jsr172 API Parser

    There're far more phones out there without Jsr172 than phones with it. That's a good reason for not using Jsr172, unless your're builing a very targeted application and you can require that kind of things. If you plan to run an application in the broader spectrum of phones possible, you must restrict your requirements to CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 2.0.
    But that leaves us with the question, kXML or custom?
    kXML is reasonably widely spreaded, and proven. I've not used it myself, nor looked at the source code. But you are right, the bad use of String objects is a bad enemy for any Java application, but a lot more to a Java Micro application.

    Anyway I will think it twice before doing it.
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