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    Problem in Sending data using Symbian Socket client to the PC based socket server


    I have a symbian 60 3rd edition socket client (using TCP/IP protocol) and it supposed to communicate with a PC based Socket Server which is running on Windows 2000 based PC which have static IP. This server is listening to one of the port on the machine.

    Now the problem is that I can connect to the server but as soon as the client application is sending some data to the server, on the server end the recv(...) function of the win32 socket is giving me Error: 10054 (which indicates: Connection reset by peer. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.)

    Please note that this client-server communication is quite well works if we are running the client on the emulator from other machine which is on LAN with the machine on which server is running.

    Can anybody help me to sort out this problem... Any help for doing this type of communication from device to PC will also help me a lot...



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    Re: Problem in Sending data using Symbian Socket client to the PC based socket server

    How did you connect symbian emulator (socket client) with PC socket server? I try allmost one week and nothing :/ Can you put here some code? I think about socket client of course. Socket server works perfect

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