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    Problems using sensor

    Hi I have a N95 V10.2.006 22-08-07 RM-160 Nokia N95(H3.03), I try to run an application using the import sensor, for using the accelerometer, but I got an error message, I installed the Python for S60 and the PythonShell 1.42, I read that for using sensor, I had to download and update the software in my phone, but accoring to the update manager I have the latest verion, how can I solve the problem?

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    Re: Problems using sensor


    Yes you need to update your Firmware. But if your Nokia Software Updater says you have the latest Firmware then here is your answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by symbianyucca View Post
    it could be that you are using a variat that has not been updated yet, thus you propably need to wait a bit longer.
    Have you tried Axyz module?

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