Tested on a nokia n73.

Im designing an application to pull cinema listings from a php parse server.

I have the results been shown in a new form that opens from the main form.

The problem is, if i view the listings from a cinema, that is quite large and scoll down to the bottom. Go back to the main form and select a cinema with rather small listings, when im back in the listing form, the form is scrolled down as far as the depth it was previously so you cannot see the new listings. Tapping the up button once will immediatetly focus to the "new" end of form, so you cann not scroll back down to where you were. Is there any way to have the focus on the top of the form each time it is opened?

I have tried delete(item num on form) and deleteAll() on the form and it made no difference. Also tried reinitialising the form object everytime it is due to open (listings = new Form(blah...))

Anyone experienced this before or got any ideas?