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    General questions


    I have some general questions, hoping to get at least one or two comments.

    * What is the purpose of this forum?
    Most of the issues are unsolved. Questions reamin unanswered. So what is all that good for here?

    * Is this forum attended by Nokia?
    I bet, not.

    * What role does Nokia play in conjunction with Forum Nokia?
    At various places there is a link to this forum from Nokia. If you install software, you have to login to FN. But for what purpose? It seems to me, that for Nokia the FN is just a means to get rid of customers and friendly developers. No help, no answers, death ends where the eye may look...

    I'm that of p...o... and frustrated by this kind of "support", you can't imagine

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    Re: General questions

    Hi Neil and thanks for the feedback,
    FN is the frontend of Nokia aimed to help developers. Most of our work is charity or totally free of charge (like providing SDKs, documents and examples) and when ever we can find the time (like Friday evenings) we contribute to discussion boards as well.

    The main purpose of discussion boards is to offer a tool where developers can discuss and help others. Almost every developer ranks Dibo as the most important resource there is.

    For dedicated technical support we have other channels as well where full time Nokia experts will support you for a minimal fee, please see http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/tech...ort/index.html


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    Re: General questions

    Hi Jack,

    thanks for your answer. I appreciate your efforts, although I couldn't benefit from it up to now.

    I'm also not sure, whether I have to opt for payed support for obvious software bugs of Symbian/Nokia. You can't imagine, what kind of nightmare I had to suffer for the last couple of days...

    I tried _all_ S60 SDKs and there was not at least a single ONE, which worked together seamlessly with the favourite and propagated J2ME IDEs Eclipse and Netbeans. I have a couple of unanswered questions, and don't know, where to address it. If you have seen some of my postings, than you'll obvioulsy may have noticed my desperate attempts to get help, support and answers.

    Because I know, that those things could definitly made better (see Android, Windows Mobile with Visual Studio support, even Net60 in Beta 3 works better), I'm so sick and tired of the demonstrative lack of interest of FN contributors and of course Symbian / Nokia itself.

    I wistfully remember the good old times of microsoft.public.bla.bla, where guys who knew guys who knew what's going on took part in the discussions.

    FN is definitly not of that caliber, neither in it's Python incarnation, nor here in the J2ME branch.


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    Re: General questions

    Moved this to proper forum (FN services feedback)


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