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    Overwrite the contents of a file.

    i'm creating a file in my program...im using the following code to overwrite the file each time the program is run.
    			KTempFilePath, EFileWrite));
    I need to re-write the contents of the file each time a new response is received from the server...but i find the Write method doesn't overwrite the contents, it just appends to the existing contents...how to overwrite the contents with fresh data each time?

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    Re: Overwrite the contents of a file.

    You seem to be ahead of your class on this one...

    Which of the Write methods writes always at the end of the file. I'm sure that the ones that take a start position as parameter will at least try to write the data where you want. They may not succeed but that would be largely your fault.

    Other methods as SetSize or Seek would also be glad to help you. If only you would read the documentation and learn about them

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