I get the error message described in the title. Anyone knows the cause.
I use the S60_2nd_FP3_MIDP_SDK and its emulator combined with Eclipse 3.2.

I have a midlet suite with several Displayables that are reachable via option commands, e.g. Options->Sound->own Sound->Browse filesystem...etc and back. I also have a ChoiceGroup with a element that opens a List via itemStateChanged().

But when i go back and try to click on the (system made)options menu button again, the midlet will be killed. Not always but only sometimes.

ALTERED: after testing some clicks...know i get the same error while double-pressing the OK-Button on the emulator, even when i just started the midlet and this is the first thing i do. I have no Command of type Command.OK in the main form. So I specified a Command of type Command.OK and its gone for the OK button, but the other problem still exists.

Some ideas?