Hey first time post, I was looking for some help.

I've written myself a MIDP application and I want it to be able to connect to the same app on other devices using bluetooth.
I would like my devices to "PAIR" (pairing should allow connection without user acceptance from the 2nd time onwards?)

I then want it to exchange about four strings so pretty easy communication you'd think.

I can show a list of available devices in my midp with the following code

Firstly it finds the devices and counts them up
public void deviceDiscovered(RemoteDevice remoteDevice, DeviceClass deviceClass) //find devices add them to a vector
	Form form = new Form( "Searching" );
	form.append( "Found " + Integer.toString(devices.size()).toString() + " devices" );
	Display.getDisplay(this).setCurrent( form );            
It then shows the name of each device within a list

public void inquiryCompleted(int discoveryType) //Print devices found
	/* create a list widget */
	List chooseList = new List( Integer.toString(devices.size()).toString() + " devices", List.IMPLICIT );
	    int i;	 
for(i = 0; i < devices.size(); i++) {
		RemoteDevice d = (RemoteDevice)devices.elementAt(i);
		chooseList.set(i, d.getFriendlyName(false), null);
            mBackCommand = new Command("Back", Command.BACK, 0);
            chooseList.setCommandListener(new CommandListener()
			{public void commandAction(Command mBackCommand, Displayable s){display.setCurrent(mList);
        catch (Exception e) 
Obviously I now have to find what services these devices offer. However how do i no what service I want? All i want to do is click on a device and pair it with the current one. Is this a service? or do i need to find another service to get to this?

Any and all help is much appreciated


p.s. sorry if i've conveyed myself poorly, found it a bit tricky to explain, any querys i'll try to answer to inform you more