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    Lightbulb Introduction to embedded modular handset

    I'm a student of Institute of Architecture and Industry Anhui China,and I design a kind of "modular handset".Now I got two patents for this invention.I teamed up with Nokia to do the work.
    Should you be interested in my design, please contact me.

    292, Ziyun Road, Economic-Technological Development Area Hefei China
    Tel:86-13739250080 86-0552-3088599(home) E-mail:gedong01@126.com

    [SIZE="4"]Introduction to embedded modular handset
    The traditional handset is designed as the integrated structure, but the modular handset is designed as three modules including the mainframe, function and body, the user can replace the corresponding module on demand to change the handset’s function and appearance, therefore, it not only is suitable for the diversified handset market, but also greatly enhances the competition of the handset manufacturer.

    Compared with the traditional integrated structure design, this unique modular design features the following remarkable advantages:
    1.Exploit more extensive market: because the modular handset has the variable function and appearance, so the user can select it more flexibly, the handset can meet the requirement of the consumers for innovelty, variation, personablity and function via changing different modules, the consumers are ready to accept it (as shown in the figure 1A and 1B).
    Figure 1 A purchase mode of traditional handset[IMG][/IMG]
    Figure 1B purchase mode of new type of modular handset
    2.Generate higher margin: the modular handset radically changes the horizontal production and R&D mode of the traditional handset, its cross R&D and production mode (as shown in the figure 2A) effectively reduces the production cost, R&D cost of the new product, stock risk and marketing risk (as shown in the figure 2B).
    Compared with the parallel production and R&D mode of traditional handset, the cross R&D and production mode of the modular handset features the less production investment and higer R&D speed.
    Figure 2A
    The outdated modular handset can be returned to the plant and be placed with the modules to generate the new product for second sale, so it can realize the unique bilateral flow in the processing of the bad stock and greatly reduct the risk of sale and stock.
    Figure 2B

    3.Effectively sovle the environmental pollution problem of the electronic rubbish, with the development of the electronic technology, the handset frequently used by people is gradually becoming one electronic product with high elimination speed. Now about 0.13 billion handsts are eliminated by the users annually in America, they will generate the about 65000 tons of rubbish with the harmful materials such as lead and Hg., which will severely pollute the environment and lead to resource waste. The modular handset can realize the function upgrade and appearance update via changing the modules and slow the handset elimination down; its function module and body module can be recycled, so it can greatly reduce the electronic rubbish and is very meaningful in environment.




    "If you want to more,please click here.http://photos.i.cn.yahoo.com/03400258967/bb4c/#doc-body
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