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    Unhappy calibration of map

    Hi guys, currently i have a map of my campus and want to use it to plot my current location on the map. I have done some research but is confused with several things. What do I need to do? I have the gps data for the 2 opposite corners of the map. What should i do next?

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    Re: calibration of map

    if you already know the geo position of your map corners, it shout be easy to calculate your position on the map
    1. you need to know how many pixel one grad second are (depends on your zoom level)
    (just play arround a bit in google earth)
    2. from your current gps position calculate the difference to your map borders in grad seconds (x ynd y)
    3. transform the difference it into pixel
    (now you know your position on the map)
    4. if your map exceeds the size of your visible mobile phone screen you need to calculate the position of the screen on the map first and than calculate the position of your position on the screen itself.


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    Re: calibration of map

    ah, i see. thanks alot

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