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    Making a 2nd Edition application trusted?

    I am working at a company developing S60 applications. We have recently faced the somewhat annoying problem of having to supply a certificate for our 2nd Edition applications, mainly to get rid of the "Unable to verify supplier..." message (which looks rather unprofessional according to the boss, and I agree).

    So, in order to get rid of that message and provide our customers with trusted applications, how would I go about acquiring a certificate for the application? We have certificates and keys (both for development purposes and commercial purposes) for 3rd Edition, but they do not seem to work with 2nd Edition, and I guess they use a different format altogether.

    Need advice

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    Re: Making a 2nd Edition application trusted?

    There used to be this "Nokia OK" signing program, but I think Symbian Signed should do it for also S60 2nd Ed (and I don't think Nokia runs the "Nokia OK" program any longer). Ask Symbian Signed.

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