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    Post XML Socket crossdomain issue


    im facing a problem with the XML socket connection.
    I have developed my own swf and uploaded this to a server.

    for eg:
    server name is: http://myserver.com and ip add of this is 71.345.12.344

    in the actionscript of A.swf, i've wriiten like this.

    socket.connect("myserver.com " ,"6565");

    and now i have opened the content from http://71.345.12.344/A.swf
    and then, the connection is not successful becuase of the crossdomain.xml.

    Things which I can not understand:
    1.71.345.12.344 and myserver.com are one and the same.still do i need to write a crossdomain.xml?
    2.if so,what should i write in crossdomain.xml and where should i keep it?

    please guide me with this.


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    Re: XML Socket crossdomain issue

    Hi Rees,

    You can get an example of XMLSocket usage on my blog at the following URL.

    Note that the crossdomain.xml file specified:

    and looks like this:

    <?xml version="1.0"?>

    <allow-access-from domain="*" to-ports="*"/>


    Mark Doherty
    Developer Evangelist,
    Adobe Mobile and Devices
    Mark Doherty
    Developer Evangelist
    Adobe Systems, Mobile and Devices EMEA

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    Re: XML Socket crossdomain issue


    thanks a lot
    its wkg fine now.

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