i've been working with S60 platform some time now. i have noticed that the emulator that comes with S60 SDKs is not that good and it needs big improvements.

1. single IMG file
The emulator baniries should be in single S60 OS image file. this will keep the clutter to minimum and provide better performance i belive. MS's with WinMobile SDK have always used this approach, and recently released Google's Anroid SDK also uses this approach, which seems to work alot better.

2. emulator performance
the current emulator's performance is worst i would say. once i hit the debug button, i'll have to wait for 2mins before the emulator starts. and thousands os files are loaded if i see the output window in carbibe.vs.

I belive making the emulator binaries in single image file will help improve the performance as well. but the actual emulator engine that emulates needs some work.

i hope these suggestions will help Nokia further improve the S60 SDK tools. which in the end will help developers to make better S60 applications in less time.


// chall3ng3r //