Browser chokes on getting encoding type attribute in the content-type header(E.g. Content-Type: text/vnd.wap.wml; charset=utf-8) using Nokia Gateway(user-agent: MOT-TA02/06.03.25BR MIB/1.2.1
accept-language: en
via: WTP/1.1 (Nokia Artuse WAP Gateway 3.0/ECD9/1.2.89), HTTP/1.1 proedwmpxy01[05050623] (Traffic-Server/5.1.3-55590 [uScM])
X-Network-info: GPRS,unsecured

We need to find out if it is a known issue and whether they intend to fix it.

We are unable to browse to our mobile '.aspx' pages, as it seems they are not recognizing the 'charset=utf-8' tag which is sent by default in the 'Content-Type' response header by the adapter class.

(or like with Motorola C332, the page is getting loaded but the links and command buttons are not recognised)

But the same devices are working fine when this tag is suppressed in the response header, by explicitly setting Response.Charset to null.