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    video.close() in Flash Lite 2.0


    I'm trying to play then close a video in Flash Lite 2.0 on a Nokia N95. I've attempted to do this by adding the following AS to a button:

    new_but.onRelease = function() {

    When the button is clicked, it starts the video ok, but when it completes it doesn't close. So, I tried attaching both video_player.close() and video_player.stop() to two separate buttons, and found out when I click them during playback they both seem to do exactly the same thing - just stop the video and not close it. video_player.resume() will also restart the video after both of these commands, which suggests close() is not behaving correctly.

    The behaviour is also the same in Device Central and on the mobile handset.

    Has anybody seen this before, or can point me at anything else I need to do to get the video to close please?

    Thanks in advance
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