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    RE: JacORB_1_4_1 does not work with ADK


    Nokia M2M ADK 2.2 works with JacORB 1.4.1 version.

    Note that the Sun's Java SDK's ORB is the preferred ORB when using the Nokia M2M ADK 2.2 version, although other ORB's can also be used.

    Nokia M2M Developer Support Team

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    JacORB_1_4_1 does not work with ADK

    ADK2_1+ jdk1.3.1_06 + JacORB_1_4_1
    = not working

    Naming service starts fine. So does Gateway.
    But not any of the example applications.
    There is not even a single try to call evaluation side terminal.

    After I downloaded and installed JacORB1_3_30
    it started working.


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