Browser chokes on getting encoding type attribute in the content-type header(E.g. Content-Type: text/vnd.wap.wml; charset=utf-8) using Nokia Gateway(user-agent: MOT-TA02/06.03.25BR MIB/1.2.1
accept-language: en
via: WTP/1.1 (Nokia Artuse WAP Gateway 3.0/ECD9/1.2.89), HTTP/1.1 proedwmpxy01[05050623] (Traffic-Server/5.1.3-55590 [uScM])
X-Network-info: GPRS,unsecured

We need to find out if it is a known issue and whether they intend to fix it.

We are unable to browse to our mobile '.aspx' pages, as it seems they are not recognizing the 'charset=utf-8' tag which is sent by default in the 'Content-Type' response header by the adapter class.

But the same devices are working fine when this tag is suppressed in the response header, by explicitly setting Response.Charset to null.