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    Nokia music player series 40 handset 6300

    I recently bought a nokia 6300 handset.The music playe is not up to the mark.By searching in the internet for 3 days i finally found a java music player way better than nokia s.its called KD player and here is the link
    This player has every thing but except one.it will not run in stand by mode.since its a series 40 platform only nokia player can do that.If the features of KD player are incorporated in nokia music player it would be really wonderful.

    why KD player???
    it has shorcut keys like 5-play/pause
    123...go to the playlist...2>>scroll up 3>>>scroll down
    4>> previous song and skip backward if the button is held for 3 sec
    6>>next song and skip backward if the button is held for 3 sec

    and it also has cool feature of creating playlist...
    i just hope these will be incorporated in nokia music player...

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    Re: Nokia music player series 40 handset 6300

    This is a site for developers. In this context Platform Feedback means commenting on any limitation that would stop a 3rd party developer from creating a music player as good as KD. The fact that developing a music player like KD is possible it is a plus for the Series 40 platform.

    For more discussions regarding Nokia's end-user offering please visit http://discussions.europe.nokia.com

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