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    Exclamation Live Video Streaming???

    Can anyone help me out on Streaming video live from a mobile phone to a laptop through WLAN?

    Which protocols do i use for live video streaming and how do i do encoding in the mobile phone(N93) using J2ME???

    Can RTP and RTSP be used in N93 mobile phones..?

    Can i stream video through Bluetooth(at a low fps?)

    I have no clear idea as to wat i should do(I have gone through numerous posts) and any help would be welcome!!!

    I'm new to J2ME and would like to know of any techniques/code tat i can use to finish this UG project of mine....thnx in advance.
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    Re: Live Video Streaming???

    There is not outbound streaming available from Java ME. I have answered in your another thread how to "stream" video from a phone (basically you have to record and send the video in pieces)


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