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    Capture a "secret" code - Idle screen/Phone app


    if someone dials from the Idle screen we can capture/intercept the phone number. Is it also possible to capture/intercept a "secret" code like *#0000# + DIAL for SW version (for our application we would introduce our own secret code which the user can use to activate/deactivate the service).



    BTW: is it possible to capture the DIAL or HANGUP key event? Or at least get notified if the user presses these keys?
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    Re: Capture a "secret" code - Idle screen/Phone app

    AFAIR an unused code will be intercepted if using call interception.

    You can capture both dial and hangup keys, though I wouldn't recommend it for such cases, as there are some false positives to consider which wouldn't involve calls (ie. pressing green key when in idle screen and no number has been entered, etc). Better rely on CTelephony/ETel interception.
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