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    Please help.. regarding simple hellotext console application

    I am trying to make a simple application for s60, using Nokia SDK for s60 , 3rd Ed FP1.

    I Build the target and it is built successfully without any error. But when i try to run it, the emulaor doesnt launch and I get an error "An Internal Error occuredduring Launching"

    Please help me regarding it. What should I do. When i built a GUI application of Helloworld, it works fine... but this console application is not running..

    The Sourse Code is:

    ///// START of Scource Code
    // hellotext.cpp

    #include <e32base.h>
    #include <e32cons.h>

    LOCAL_D CConsoleBase* gConsole;

    // Real main function
    void MainL()
    gConsole->Printf(_L("Hello world!\n"));

    // Console harness
    void ConsoleMainL()
    // Get a console
    gConsole = Console::NewL(_L("Hello Text"),
    TSize(KConsFullScreen, KConsFullScreen));

    // Call function

    // Pause before terminating
    User::After(5000000); // 5 second delay

    // Finished with console

    // Cleanup stack harness
    GLDEF_C TInt E32Main()
    CTrapCleanup* cleanupStack = CTrapCleanup::New();
    TRAPD(error, ConsoleMainL());
    __ASSERT_ALWAYS(!error, User::Panic(_L("SCMP"), error));
    delete cleanupStack;
    return 0;
    ///////////////////// END of Source code

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    Re: Please help.. regarding simple hellotext console application

    Have you tried starting with the "File > New > Symbian OS C++ Project > Basic Console Application" template? Also, when creating your debugger launch configuration be sure that the emulator path (the one pointing to EPOC.EXE) is blank. EPOC.EXE should not be specified for text console apps.


    Matt P.

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