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    Unable to connect to WLAN with Nokia N95


    Just bought a nokia N95 and I'm unable to connect to the WLAN at my work place. No problem connecting to my home WLAN, and there are no problems connecting my laptop to the workplace WLAN.

    I browse for WLANs and select "Start web browsing", the wlan name comes up find and I select it, but after quite some time I get: "Internet: server not found".

    I've read the other posts about assigning a static IP, but the sysadms here will kill me if I try that. Is there another way of getting this to work? It can't be true that the N95 is so picky with WLAN configurations?

    *#0000# gives me:
    v 11.0.026
    Nokia N95 (96.01)

    I don't know the access point type/name since it's a big university network. However I've been able to connect with 10+ different laptops to this network without any problems.


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    Re: Unable to connect to WLAN with Nokia N95


    Can you please describe what kind of WLAN settings you have configured to get it work with laptops and how the configuration has been done with N95? It would help us to find solution for the problem. Usually enterprise networks are using some Entended Authentication Protocol (EAP) methods prior to granting access.


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