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    ESock_client 14 Panic


    I am opening 2 sockets (UDP) on 2 handsets and i am trying to send and receive data from both the handets to each other . Now for sending the data i am using SendTo method and for receiving i am using RecvFrom method . Now when i first send a data from one device to other and then press receive of the receiver device the data is received successfully but if i first press the receive of the receiver device and then send the data from the sender device i get panic ESock_client 14 . Now after reading various threads from the forum i came to know that it is due to Bad Descriptor , ie if the descriptor used to receive the data is an automatic variable , but my variable is not automatic , i have declared it as class meember variable . This and it is of TBuf type .

    Now regarding the TSockXfrLength variable i read the SDK docs which say that for datagram sockets there is no need to put this variable in the calling method.

    Now can anybody tell me why am i getting this error.

    Thank You

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    Re: ESock_client 14 Panic

    have you tried writeing "ESock client 14" to the search in the SDK docs, it would give you this page as a result:

    » Symbian OS v9.2 » Symbian OS reference » System panic reference » ESock

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    Re: ESock_client 14 Panic

    can anybody post some example code for RSocket (with Active Scheduler)
    Because i donno how to do it in synchronous socket connection (sending and receive parts)... some people told me to use ACtive scheduler.. but am stuck to it so can anybody help over me on this regards

    email me please if u example code

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    Re: ESock_client 14 Panic

    Here is some excellent article regarding sockets:

    You can find the example (Echo Client Server) in the sdk itself:

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