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    beginners Location module

    Hi guys,

    Im only really getting to grips with some python things.
    I want to use GSM to retrieve my cell. I want to save this cell. This is fine. So i want to do this for a number of cells.

    Then another day i may be in the city i want to get my cell, again this is fine.

    Can i work out which of the previous cells i recorded is closest to my current cell??

    Or can this module only tell me where i currently am.. and not what other cells are near me.
    Thanks guys

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    Re: beginners Location module

    Hi neil,

    Location module can only give you the Mobile Country Code,Mobile Network Code, Location Area Code and cellid for the current cell
    However if you wish to work with previous cellids then you cvan record them to a text file and using manipulation use the recorded data for your requirement.

    Best Regards
    Pankaj Nathani

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