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    RE: Pause problem on 6310


    I don't quite follow what you actually mean?? What are DISA numbers?

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    Pause problem on 6310

    A lot of our employees use their GSM to call teleconference numbers or DISA numbers.
    They programme the full number in the phone book of their GSM (Tel. number, pause, password, ...).
    This was working fine with the Nokia range 5110, 6150, 6210.
    With the model 6310 and 6310i it is still working, but, once the GSM has issued the pause, the user will hear a ring tone during all the communication. Which is quiet annoying.
    Even after the call is closed the GSM still generates the ring tone in the loudspeaker.
    It only stop with a new (normal) call (it doesn't stop if you call your mailbox).
    Can somebody help us to solve this problem?

    Guy Thirionet
    Creo Europe

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