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    npl file conversion with nokia multimedia converter

    How do i use nokia multimedia converter to convert npl to 3pg or other formats?

    I have some video clips i took with a mobile phone. i transferred the files to my pc. they are stored on the pc as nokia multimedia playlist files, and the file extension shows as .npl

    when i click on them they open and play in nokia multimedia player, so the data is there. and in nokia multi media player the files have a .3gp extension. but when i open them in conversion software they read as .npl.

    i have donwloaded nokia multimedia converter. i know it is working becuase i have successfully converted other .3pg files.

    but when i go to file/open, in file type .npl is not listed as a supported file type, and although the .npl file appears in the view field, the other fields don't work, and the file does not convert.

    so how can i use nokia multimedia player to open nokia multimedia playlist files and convert them to e.g. .3gp?


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    Re: npl file conversion with nokia multimedia converter

    I don't think you do use it. this is a 5 year old tool it isn't up to date and there are other tools available. Search the internet to find a more suitable tool for you needs.


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    Re: npl file conversion with nokia multimedia converter

    hi thanks for this.

    i'm still having some problems.

    i have downloaded what seems like a current video converter. but it won't read my files and i've been told that this is because a .npl nokia multimedia playlist file doesn't actually hold the video data itself, rather it is simply a list of files, and that i need to access the .3gp file to which the .npl playlist refers. but when i use windows explorer to search the cd-rom to which i have stored the files they show only .npl and no .3gp files.

    i know the full video clip data is there because i can watch the clips which are on the cd-rom because they open in nokia multimedia player but i can't get to the .3gp data even though nokia multimedia player lists the file name as having a .3gp extension.

    any further help much appreciated

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