Partnership for business project!

Hi, I need a Good and efficient j2me coder who can
code animated midlets into a defender type game also able
to transferr the game to any nokia or other emulators and
finally to the actual device. The game is suited for
100 @ 100 plus screen resolution, 256 - 4026 plus colours
the game memory storage can range from 80kbs to a full on 750kbs
version by just cutting down the graphics background blocks
so it can be ported to more cellulars, just with the nokia
devices alone there are 7 possible phones right up to the
fancy 9280 series!

all the sprites and animation and background levels have been
completed, Background blocks have been sized in 8*8 blocks
with the sprites in 8*8, 16*8, 8*16 sizes! And Design fully

My experience is in 3 game products that where catered for the
Amiga 1200 market. Titles called Overkill, Gloom both where big hits With Gloom being the biggest amiga 1200 seller ever coded by Mark Sibley!

This is a partnership and targeted at the lucrative game market!
The graphics are very high and better than most of the games out
there and equalling the best!

So if your keen and i want to make some lucrative money, please get back to me! and will forward you some pics of Gecko!

I'am also developing a 3D game Project the site addy is We are also currently
developing CovertAlert on the Auran engine simutaneously!



PS(Also includes a Developer Partnership)