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    Convert HBufC8 to TDesC8

    Hi all,

    I have a problem in symbian 9.2 . It is my code and it is working fine on 8.0 but It is not working on 9.2 there is a compile time error. so please help me .

    My code is

    HBufC8* ashu = HBufC8::NewL(file_size);

    RFile infile.Read(ashu->Des());// Here is the problem.
    // Second method is
    // RFile infile.Read(*ashu); // problem is here also.

    Its urgent please help

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Re: Convert HBufC8 to TDesC8

    you can not use constants for adding stuff into them, instead try this:

    TPtr8 hjelp(ashu->Des()));
    RFile infile.Read(hjelp);

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    Re: Convert HBufC8 to TDesC8

    Thanks Yucca for immediate reply.


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