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    input box with QueryWinL


    I want to use QueryWinL, but when I try to use it, my application is close. compilation is OK. My application use the camera and when user take snap I want display the message box
    I have try :
    TBool value = iEikonEnv->QueryWinL(_L("text"),_L("Continue?"));
    and this line too:
    TBool value = CEikonEnv::QueryWinL(_L("text"),_L("Continue?"));
    and this too
    TBool value = CEikonEnv::Static()->QueryWinL(_L("text"),_L("Continue?"));

    with CAknGlobalConfirmationQuery, initialisation failed
    CAknGlobalConfirmationQuery* temp = CAknGlobalConfirmationQuery::NewLC();

    could I use this function in particular class?

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    Re: input box with QueryWinL

    I have forgotten to add library!! Carbide dont say, that he cant compile the .exe and he used the old .exe ... Finally I have use this code :

    //create yes or no message box
    CAknGlobalConfirmationQuery* pQ = CAknGlobalConfirmationQuery::NewL();

    _LIT(KQuestion, "message display?");

    TRequestStatus theStat = KRequestPending;
    pQ->ShowConfirmationQueryL(theStat, KQuestion, R_AVKON_SOFTKEYS_YES_NO);

    //get respons of mesasge box
    TBool answer = (theStat.Int() == EAknSoftkeyYes);

    //key press is OK

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