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    How to get the country code or country name

    I tried with TLocale::CountryCode ..it always returns me 44. However in my date and time settings on the device i have set India,Mumbai GMT+5.30

    Also is there any way to get the country name as well.

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    Re: How to get the country code or country name


    Location: t32wld.h
    Link against: WorldClient.lib

    Class RWorldServer
    Supported from 5.0

    Defines the world server’s client side API.

    Clients can use this API to connect to the server, add, update and delete cities/countries, retrieve city/country information, navigate and search the world database, set the home city, default country, and the units used in distance comparisons. In addition, clients can use the file handling functions to import and export database data files.

    Note that prior to v7.0, to use this class you needed to link against ealwl.lib.

    This might be helpful to you.

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