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    Question Call log Icons problem - N95

    Hi every body

    I have an N95-1 RM-159, Product code 0549028
    It firmware is, but since I bought it, in version 11.x.x.x I have the following problem with the call log.
    I just can't identify which phone in my contacts I have dialed or called me.

    E.g. I have the contact "A" with mobile (blue mobile icon), home (green phone icon) and fax (gray fax icon). When I'm just receiving or making a new call, the icons are Ok, I mean, they appear with the correct icon, for the incoming/outgoing call.

    BUT, when I'm looking for a received or dialed number by the call log, ALL the calls have the same BLUE MOBILE ICON and I just can't figure out who called me.
    To do that, I MUST select options->use number->edit.

    I called today Brazil's Nokia Care Center and they told me that it's an issue of every S60 mobile.

    How, if even in a poor Motorola W375 i can identify which number called me through the call log... Nokia S60 mobile shoud do this too.

    Does any one can help me with this issue.

    I hope for your reply.


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    Re: Call log Icons problem - N95

    The log application does identify who called you it just does not sees as relevant to show you from which number. If you need this functionality the only solution seems to be to look for a 3rd part application that offers a better view of your call history.

    The issue can be debated further on the end-user dedicated discussion board: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
    -- Lucian

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