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    direct screen access on N95 8GB.


    i am facing this rather strange problem. I have written an application which works well on n73, n75, n95, n81, n82. But on N95 8GB the direct screen access used is giving some problem.

    I support landscape and portrait mode both in my application. On landscape mode, i rotate the screen device (CFbsBitGc) by setting the orientation to EGraphicsOrientationRotated90 and it works well. But on N95 8GB it is not displaying the entire video content in portrait mode. Some pixels ( around 5-10) at the bottom of the screen are not drawn.

    However when i rotate the device to EGraphicsOrientationRotated270 while in portrait mode it is displaying complete video. Now this roation to 270 is not needed for other mobile phones where the application has been tested.

    any pointers ?? has anybody faced this before with N95 8GB.

    Ravinder Chouhan

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    Re: direct screen access on N95 8GB.

    Faced the same question before.
    Just check carefully the parameters(width and height) of the display window...

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