I am pretty new to Nokia/Symbian/Python programming and need to get PyNetMony
on an N95 (S60 3rd ed). The included readme.txt mentions that all the .SIS files need to be signed by a developer certificate.

My question is - What are the specific capabilities that need to be enabled in the developer certificate in order to successfully install and use PyNetMony and all of its components ( i.e. wlan, bluetooth, gsm, GPS logging) on the N95?

Based on my current understanding of Capabilities for the N95, I'll try to get the following capabilities in the Dev certificate:
Basic Capabilities: (LocalServices,Location,NetworkServices,Read/WriteUserData, UserEnvironment). I think some of these capabilites would be required by PyNetMony to get WLAN, GPS and Bluetooth information.

Extended Capabilities: ReadDeviceData. This would be needed to use the CTelephony API for getting cellular information (celld id, area code etc).

Are the Capabilities listed above sufficient for PyNetMony and the other components to work properly on the N95?

I would really appreciate it if someone could confirm this and tell me what if any more Capabilities might be required.