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Thread: RTP traffic

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    RTP traffic

    I have Asterisk server (, and 2 mobile terminals N80 (, I can make VoIP from one mobile phone to the other. When I capture de traffic I see that the RTP packets go from the server to the terminals (and viceversa), but never from terminal to terminal. I thought that traffic went through the server for the session initation (SIP) but once the session was initiated, RTP traffic went straight from terminal to terminal. What is happening???

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    Re: RTP traffic


    Well, it is the normal behavior of VoIP. http://www.tech-invite.com/Ti-sip-CF3665.html
    If you want Terminal-Asterisk-Terminal media path then you need to configure Asterisk to act as a Media Gateway. In that case Asterisk always keeps itself in media path.

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