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Thread: Storing files

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    Exclamation Storing files

    hello guys i'm relatively new to j2me.... well i was developing a j2me application... i developed a small application which takes a photo using the phone camera and displays it... but i need to store this image in to a persistent storage so that i can access it when the application is run again... how can i make this happen???that is i don't want to lose the picture when i stop the application....

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    Re: Storing files

    You can use the facility provided by FileConnection. please look at http://developers.sun.com/mobility/a...ileconnection/
    for more clarification.


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    Re: Storing files

    ok but if i use record store will it be going to permanent storage... i mean i dont want to lose the date written to the record store after i quits the application...

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    Re: Storing files

    Yes, RecordStore is permanent storage.


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