Posted by Nick Fortin,
on August 18, 2000 at 21:59

I just wanted to share with everyone, that my company (Speedware) has made available for download a 30-day free Trial version of our Wireless Development Environment (WDE). We received lots of positive feedback from people who downloaded the Trial all around the world already, and so I thought of sharing this news with different people in the wireless application development arena.

MobileDev is a software tool designed to develop mission-critical WAP applications, not just authoring WAP pages. MobileDev supports both WML and HDML, and comes complete with thorough documentation, an application Deck and Card GUI mapper, wizards and a WML/HDML code generator. MobileDev supports many external simulators including the Nokia 7110 simulator.

Thanks for your time, I hope I did not offend anyone by posting this message.