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    SIP working in N95 but not in E65


    I have one Nokia n95 and one Nokia e65. I am using a local provider's SIP service. I can use that service by using N95 and i can make outgoing calls. I tried to use the same setting in my E65 and it is connecting to the server. But whenever i am going to check my balance account, it is saying my card is invalid though it is ok in n95. Moreover, while i am trying to make calls it is saying "internet telephone service not available". i know that it is possible to make calls by using Fring but fring voice quality is not good as Nokia sip. Moreover, By nokia sip, i can use Loud Speaker which is absent in Fring.

    I know, here we have so many experts and please somebody help me. so that i can make calls from Nokia E65 by using Nokia SIP feature instead of Fring.

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    Re: SIP working in N95 but not in E65

    actually you need to create settings for SIP, in order to use the nokia voip client.

    In simple words you need to setup nokia voip client before making your calls through nokia voip client.
    Sajid Iqbal
    ASD, Accredited S60 Developer

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    Re: SIP working in N95 but not in E65

    Mr. Sajid,

    I Already told that i can use Nokia SIP in N95 but not in E65. It means that i know how to configure. Anyhow, i already discovered one solution. If SIP is not working in in E65 the you format your mobile by pressing *#7370# then insert all detail for SIP again after format. It will work, You can also try the Firmware update.

    Shamim Rahman

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    Re: SIP working in N95 but not in E65

    Please read http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=123424 for E65 configuration information.

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