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    Capturing image in Nokia 40 edition .

    I have used the capture://image as it does not support the video. But when i m using encoding as jpg , jpeg or gif. So, it does not capture the image but when i pass encoding as null so it lets me click the snap. Has anyone encountered this kind of problem and plz could anyone tell me what type of image is captured. Its critical for product launch. So, kindly help.

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    Re: Capturing image in Nokia 40 edition .


    I am not sure about the device you are talking about but you can use

    System.getProperty("video.snapshot.encodings"); to check the supported snapshot formats.

    Supported video snapshot formats for the getSnapshot method in VideoControl. The string returned specifies the supported capture image formats. Each format is specified in a special syntax. The formats are delimited by at least one space. For example, “encoding=png”.

    Check the MIDP: System Properties (with Example) v1.2 doc.


    Hope this helps
    Juarez Alvares Barbosa Junior - Brazil

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