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    Soft close dialog


    When my soft start, I display a dialogue with image, I want to close it after a few second, I don't can close it.
    I create the dialogue from resource with this code :
    CHelpfulForm* dlg = CHelpfulForm::NewL( R_FORM_MENUBAR );

    I have try function tryToExit, but compiler generate an error, and function :
    CAknForm::OkToExitL( EAknSoftkeyExit );
    dont close the dialogue.
    Have you an idea? Or exist a class for display an image a few time, like CAknGlobalConfirmationQuery for message text?


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    Re: Soft close dialog

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is no simple way of closing Avkon dialog from the code, if the dialog expects some user input. You could try emulating softkey presses, but that would be a bit weird from the user point of view.

    One option would be to create an Avkon view with an image displayed, then activate timer, and then activate another view.

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    Re: Soft close dialog

    From WITHIN the dialog you need to call TryExitL(EAknSoftkeyCancel) which will close the dialog by simulating pressing the right soft key.

    You cannot do this from the main application as the dialog effectively makes a nested active scheduler to process the dialog.
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    Re: Soft close dialog

    your solution is ok paul.
    I have try before the tryExit but with a false argument.

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