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    Thumbs up How to update the N70 Symbian OS 8.1?

    hi guys
    i am new bie here recently i have purchased the N70. plz tell me what i can do with it. how can i update the N70 Symbian OS 8.1, camera driver, sound Driver and graphics etc..... and what tools are to be used for this.



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    Re: How to update the N70 Symbian OS 8.1?

    in Theory it might be possible to update drivers, but in pratice it is rather impossible. Anyway AFAIK driver development requires you to be Symbian platinium patrner, whoich costs money. More information on this, you could visit Symbian web pages.

    Also if you are just starting developing for Symbian, you should start with something easier.

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    Re: How to update the N70 Symbian OS 8.1?

    Quote Originally Posted by adnandp View Post
    ... plz tell me what i can do with it. ...
    Well, you can make phone calls. And since we are on the Multimedia Technology and Content >> Content >> Graphics & Video & Streaming forum you can of course play videos, display graphics and if the network allows it you can also stream content to the phone.

    The firmware can be updated if it does not have already the latest version on it. Look for Nokia Software Update.

    For further answers to your end-user questions please post at http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
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