Hello everybody,
I'm new in this forum so I'd like to ask if someone has esperience with pys60 Irda, I saw a few topics regarding this but it seems there are no modules to use Irda.
I'm using a nokia N73 and python 1.42, my aim is to try to move a little helicopter I have (that has a IRDA port to comunicate with remote controller), but I've got no idea where to start, even because I don't know c++.
I googled "s60 c++ infrared" and here I found a cool c++ soure that i didn't understand but that seems to be the right one for me.
Courios I searched how to convert it into a pyd file importable from a python script, but my results were horribles, I've got caribe, sdk, python and so on installed on my pc but I cannot get this working at all.
Could someone of you be so kind to wrap this module for me? Do you think is what i need to remote control my helicopter?
Thanks in advance for help,