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    Arrow Realtime Fishing LBS Content's becoming a Hot Issue.

    Hi, there.

    As you see, Fishing is a good LBS Theme as Mobile, IP-TV, WiMAX(Wibro) Services. Fishing is a popular hobby. Maybe you like fishing. Many Telecommunications companices and Internet Potals are looking for New Business Model include Nokia and Google, MS. Fishing has a Global Market already.

    Realtime Fishing LBS Content's becoming a Hot Issue in Korea. Major Navigation Company in Korea has announced a press release that it will service Realtime Fishing LBS Content. This compamy name is Thinkware. Thinkware's attended the 3GSM Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona. If you saw Thinkware's Realtime Fishing LBS Content at that exhibition, you can understand easily I&IWorld's Realtime Fishing LBS Content. Thinkware has made Europe Type Navigations already. They will bring out these Navigations and Contents Service in Europe. So, Thinkware attended the 3GSM Mobile World Congress 2008. This is Thinkware Web site. http://www.thinkware.co.kr

    First Issue: We think that maybe Realtime Fishing LBS Content's advanced for Europe or Aisa market. what is your opinion?

    Second Issue: What LBS Engine is best to service Realtime Fishing LBS Content for Nokia Mobile? Autodesk? ESRI? or else?

    I&IWorld Web site, http://www.iiw.or.kr

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    Re: Realtime Fishing LBS Content's becoming a Hot Issue.

    Please, these are mobile developer boards. I fail to see the relevancy of your marketing messages on these boards.
    Moving this to Announcements board

    best regards

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