Here is the details of my project:

I am currently developing a PC user interface(with simple button and some combobox), after I clicked on one of the button, the PC interface will automatically generate a sis file and ready to install into the UIQ phone to do customization (like set phone wallpaper,ringtone etc). I created a PC GUI and a phone application UI using carbideC++ , however, I don't have idea on how to link the PC interface with phone application, for example how to get the user selection in the PC interface and put it into phone application to do customization.

For example, I selected a pic.jpg in the PC user interface, after I clicked the generate button, a sis file is generated and ready to load into the phone. I created a phone application which able to set the wallpaper, however, how can I get the user selection and put it into my phone application to do customization?

Any suggestion and idea are welcome. Forgive my bad english.

Thanks in advance.