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    Question Installation PYS60 on Nokia N73


    am trying to install PythonForSeries60_2nd_FP3.SIS on Nokia N73 and every time its shows a message telling that te insatalation is not supported?

    Has anyone an idea about that??

    thx for your reply

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    Re: Installation PYS60 on Nokia N73

    Hello hassan83,

    This is because you are insatlling the wrong version.
    N73 is S60 3rd Edition and not second edition

    Best Regards
    Pankaj Nathani

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    Re: Installation PYS60 on Nokia N73

    First of all get the 3rd edition py sis file and also same version of script shell sis file .Then install first the py sis file
    then the script shell you get the python on your phone easily
    you cant get plz reply soon.

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