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    Which models can handle widgets?

    i am working on some widgets but i cannot get them to work. so far i tried out the N95, N80, E61 with the example widget from the

    i did all the steps exactly like in the pdf file (horoscope), and even in the s60 3rd Edition SDK Emulator i get the message: "File manager. Unknown file format" and yes it is a wzg (renamed zip).

    on the N95 8Gig version i get the widget saved but when i open it up it trys to unpack it instead of install it.

    open the file wia WAP on the E61 just displays a screen full of characters (it certenly does not understand what to do with a WZG file)

    is there a list of mobile phones which are able deal with widgets at all?

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    Re: Which models can handle widgets?

    Widgets can be developed for 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 devices. There are also some 3rd Edition FP1 devices (at least N95 8GB) which has Web Rutime with the latest firmware version.



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    Re: Which models can handle widgets?

    thank you for the replay. i managed to load it to the n95 8GB with the latest update.

    now i am a bit disapointed. will there be a difference between the 3rd Edition FP2 devices and e.g. the n95 in handling the widgets.

    for my understanding a widget is not a program, that has to be started somewhere in the programs folder everytime i want to use it, but it runs on the main screen all the time like with the windows sidebar applications (weather, stocks market,...). they are placed there and run and get updates via internet without asking.

    is there a way i can integrate the widgets more to the device or is this the way? i do not see any difference between creating these widgets via S60_Web_Run-time and creating a "sis-file"-package.

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    Re: Which models can handle widgets?

    The FP2 behaviour will be essentially the same.

    Some notes on the "why"'s and "how"'s of widgets:
    - Use web skill set. If you are skilled in HTML, JavaScript and CSS, Widgets provide a way to immediately put those skills to work in creating S60 "applications". No need to learn Symbian OS C++ and the likes to get started. Yes, much less access to the device at this time, but this will improve over time.

    - You can get a "semi"permanent widget experience. Just like any other S60 application, widgets can also run in the background. So you can start a widget, use it and then start an other app without exiting the widget. The widget runs in the background and can be called back at any time just like any other app. The limited set of screen estate on a mobile makes totally recreating the "always visible" mode of widgets challenging on small screen. Also power and other considerations are different on a mobile than on a PC/Mac that is always plugged ito mains.

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