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    Icon for the Python app.

    How I can create icons that are as transparent background with the icons that already comes in mobile for new apps to the N95? And what software to use to create this fund with transparent icons in SVG? Have create icons in SVG for an app created by our team but the fund was empty because of the SVG file has been generated from a JPG image, which does not support transparency in the background. Grateful throughout aid.

    Marcelo Tinoco.

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    Re: Icon for the Python app.

    yes you can put your icon for python app for doing it you have to search about it on sourceforge.net or in python.org you get your solution handy.
    Good Luck

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    Re: Icon for the Python app.

    Quote Originally Posted by marcelotinoco View Post
    How I can create icons ... And what software to use
    Not sure, if I understood the question correctly, but check out Carbide.ui and Inkscape.

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